U.S. Patent No. 6,5126,960

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BioLight Diagnostics
The primary research purpose of
"BioLightTM" is to attach light emitting proteins to the surface of cancer cells; hence the terms: "TumorLightTM", "CancerLightTM", and "MelanomaLightTM"

Essentially we adhere a "NanoLightTM" to a functional antibody that would attach to a tumor cell. We add the "NanoFuelTM" that turns on the "NanoLightTM" and makes the cancer cell or tumor visible. More funding and research will be required to make "BioLightTM" a reality.

We are hoping that our genetic entertainment company "BioToy®" will help pay for the research that enables "BioLightTM" to complete its mission.


BioLightTM & TumorLightTM
Dr. Gene Finley

Enzyme - Antibody Linkage
Dr. Byron Ballon